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Welcome to QualityRawsWholesale, the parent Company of the World’s Number One supplier of Steroid powder QualityRaws; who modernized the process of purchasing high quality Raw Steroid powders Online.

Having dominated the Steroid powder market for the past 3 years we have expanded further into new markets and are now offering the most competitive prices for the highest quality Steroid powders in the market.

Our Licensed Factory in China operates on a huge scale and as a result has access to Sea Shipping options to most of the Countries in the World exporting many thousands of Tonnes each year.

QualityRaws gave access to Pharmaceutical Grade Steroid powders to the personal user and wholesale discounts to the Business owner, QualityRawsWholesale are now providing the ability for huge expansion by offering wholesale Pharmaceutical Grade Steroid powders at barely above the Factory costs.

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Our Experience

QualityRaws are proud to be considered market leaders in this Industry, and we specialize in a wide variety of fields including:-

Precise Compound Synthesis
Research & Development
Logistics by Air & Sea
Expert Packaging Methods
Customer Satisfaction

Sea Shipping

Order by Cargo ship and risk no Customs issues. We can provide Shipping methods which are guaranteed to work, every-time.

Dedicated Customer Support

We care about your order as much as you do and our team will worry about the details so you don’t have to. You’re simply an Email and a very short wait away from any information you may require.

Extensive Quality Control

Never worry about product quality again, we guarantee our Compounds. Your Order won’t leave the Factory unless it passes all relevant quality control requirements.

Quality Control Measures

It is no secret that the success of  your Business is dependent on the quality of your end product, and it is the purity and consistency of your raw materials which determines this. It is important you have full confidence in your supplier and QualityRaws offer just.

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Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a technique used in Analytical Chemistry allowing one to identify the amount / type of Chemicals present in a sample. Achieved by measuring the Mass to Charge ratio and amount of gas-phase ions, this method is employed throughout the production and refining process of producing our Compounds.

Gas Chromatography

For certain Compounds a preferred method of testing is Gas Chromatography for Compounds which can be vaporized without decomposition. Our Compounds are put through the most strenuous testing to allow us to offer the guaranteed purity of 97%+ for all Compounds.



Purity is our specialist subject; Recrystallization is a technique where impurities are dissolved alongside a Compound in a solvent and either the Compound or the impurities can then be removed increasing the viable purity of any Compound to its maximum. Testing and Recrystallization is the required procedure to truly produce 97%+ Steroidal Compounds and it is standard  as part of our production method.


Precursor Chemicals

A primary role in producing high quality end products are is sourcing high quality precursor/raw Chemicals. We advise all Steroid Labs to strongly consider the true standard of their raw materials and we certainly take our own advice. The production of our Compounds benefit from the use of only the highest standard of precursor Chemicals and no expense is spared in securing them to ensure our end product is the best possible.


Once true quality is achieved an important stage remains. Storing the finished Compounds appropriately is important as incorrect procedure can lead to premature degradation over long periods of time, excessive heat and light exposure are enemies of pure substances and our Technicians fully understand of the requirements of our Compounds to ensure they remain as pure as the day they were approved.

Technical Maintenance

All Machinery is regularly appraised for efficiency and re-calibrated, equipment falling into disrepair is against ISO Regulation and pride is taken to ensure these procedures are always followed to the highest standard.

Our Product Range

We manufacture and stock a huge variety of Bodybuilding related Compounds. Steroids, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and Aromatase Inhibitors. A total of 51 different Compounds produced to the ISO regulation standard.

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trenbolone acetate powder
Steroid Powders

QualityRaws stock all Steroidal Compounds in existence.

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steroid powder china

QualityRaws stock the most commonly used SERMS & AIs.

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buy steroid powder
Misc. Products

Viagra, T3 and Albuterol are among our Misc. product range.

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What Our Customers Have To Say...
  • Hey guys, just to let you know that my third order arrived 7 days after order. That is 3 out of 3. If you are thinking of ordering from QR and are a little unsure stop worrying these guys are legit!!! Already planning the fourth order!

    Third Order
    Forum Member
  • Just wanted to let whomever know that i am three weeks into running 1000mgs per week of the testosterone enanthate that I recieved from QR and the stuff has literally made me question whether I have ever recieved legit gear from my other sources that Ive used for the past 3 yrs. This stuff is night and freaking day. I swear I began to feel its effects after only 4 days (ive always been fairly sensitive to tests) but now with nearly 3 weeks on its insane!

    Testostone Enanthate
    Forum Member
  • I got my LabMax test kit in and have run the tests on the three compounds I received.  The results were as I expected them to be and more.  I used and extremely small amount of the powders and the test results were immediate and clear.  The following pics are of the UV testing of the “B” vials.  These vials are the final proof you have the real deal.

    Labmax Testing
    Forum Member
  • I’m not new to this by any means, been brewing for many many moons lol…but HOLY SHIT this whole customer service that QR has is INSANE! I’ve  been dealing with these Chinese suppliers and BELIEVE me they don’t know a thing about customer service, to be blunt, they don’t care. QR will have me as a LOYAL LIFE-LONG customer.

    Customer Service
    Forum Member
  • All I can say is QR is a Top Notch company. Ordered on 8-25 had the order at my door in 7 days. Customer service is there number one priority. Will only buy from QR from now on.

    Top Notch
    Forum Member
  • Just want to chime in here and say thank you so much for my order that was delivered in 6 days !!   The Quality of the powders are ==> OUTSTANDING.. if your on the fence about placing a order with this top notch company rest assure your order will be filled delivered on time and the quality is unbelievable.  The tech support is like no other, I wish I could go into detail but I can’t .. It’s against forum rules :) but I well say if you ask a question it well get answered in a professional manner.   Customer support is outstanding,Thanks again QualityRaws for your outstanding product :)   Cheers

    Oustanding Quality
    Forum Member
  • Test e labmaxed and passed, tren e labmaxed and passed. Not going to labmax the second batch of eq because I don’t want to open it. Quicker turnaround than some domestic sources. Completely done with the guessing game and sticking with qr.

    Thanks for having such an awesome service.

    Faster Than Most Domestics
    Forum Member
  • The entire process was awesome. The money that will be saved by using QR is already reason enough. I’m extremely satisfied, and have been ever since ordering. Lee was responsive to any inquiries I had, along with being exceptionally prompt. The kindness and respect he shows to his customers is outstanding. He never once made me feel like a nuisance. It’s like having a friend who is also running a business lol. The shipping was super fast too and the product looks great! I will be ordering again as soon as I’m able to. The order form appears to be functioning with the new order requirements, but I’m waiting for Lee to give the green light on everything.

    Exceptionally Prompt
    Forum Member
  • Received my fifth order a month ago, but wanted to wait until products was tested before I reviewed the order. All of my orders have been without issues and QR really knows what customer service is about. Never have i experienced any problem what so ever. People who has used and dealt with QR know what I’m talking about.

    Five Orders Without Issue
    Forum Member
  • Got my first order in yesterday, brewed a bit up this morning.  Can’t wait to give it a go.  Lee was great throughout the whole process.  All of my emails were answered within minutes.  Overall a very pleasant first experience as long as the product delivers, which Im sure it will.

    First Order A Pleasant Experience
    Forum Member
  • Took roughly 8 days from time of placing the order until it reaching my door. Flawless transaction, very happy with the service so far.

    Flawless Transaction
    Forum Member

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